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     Reynolds Realty is a real estate brokerage firm licensed in Arkansas with our major emphasis being placed on rural timberland and farm sales. For years we have been using a sealed bid process to auction tracts. We put out bid packages on exclusively listed land using sealed bid notices to sell each tract. We mail these notices to a large number of persons and companies that have an interest in being included on our bid list. Timberland sells for the bare ground value plus the value of the standing timber. The market for this type land is good. Bare ground values vary depending on site index, location, access and general proximity to market. Several reasons to choose timberland as an investment are:

1. The pleasure of ownership of the land. It won't burn up or blow away .... always able to get something for it.

2. In south Arkansas bare ground value (not including timber) has gone from about $250.00 per acre in 1992-93 to $500-600 per acre now. With a proper site index it will grow Loblolly Pine at the rate of 80-100' in 50 years. With new improved pine seedlings this rate is improved. 100 acres properly managed should grow off $350,000 to $400,000 in 22 years. Increase in dollar value should make this figure higher.

3. Demand for land in Arkansas is increasing. People are moving here for the outdoor recreation availability and for the increasing job opportunities. Nice place to live, hunting and fishing excellent. Winters are not severe as in the northeast United States. All land we sell is sold through a sealed bid process.

If you wish to be included on bid list send name, address, city, state and zip to me. If you wish to be deleted at any time from the list, email or call.

    Reynolds Realty 620 East 3rd St. Hope, AR 71801 (870) 777-8844